Shambala Festival 2016

Well were do we start! Shambala Festival has always been a favourite of ours having been there with Compass Presents and the Kings of Ping in previous years. Its beautiful setting and unique atmosphere have always been a pleasure for us to shoot, but this year, with our good friend Beacka Whiteley heading up the media management and the chance at a collaboration with her seriously talented film-making partner, Callum Whiteley. This year’s festival was not one we wanted to miss!


In early discussions we had decided to create a film with an emphasis on movement and transitional moments that would carry us around the festival, linking activities and areas of the festival whilst capturing that unique Shambala atmosphere.


These ideas stemmed from a film we had all seen and loved by Leonardo Dalessandri entitled Watch Tower Of Turkey. If you haven’t seen it we have posted it here bellow, truly it is an inspirational work.

So with all this in mind and a shot list that more accurately could be described as a transition list the three of us headed over to Northamptonshire and shot the festival having a huge amount of fun along the way.


The edit however is were all this planning and shooting comes to life and if you have not seen Callum’s work before then get yourself over to his company site – Skewiff. Huge big up’s to him for putting the film together, the results of which you can watch below.

So, thank you very much to the whole team at Shambala for having us and we look forward to hopefully working with you again next year!


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