Forming Formulate

Everything has to start somewhere and it just so happens, for us, that was in Stokes Croft in our home city – Bristol.


Singer / Songwriter Joe Driscoll was in town playing at The Croft and had asked us to come down and make a live music video for his new single ‘Location’. So on the 21st of April 2011 we made our debut into media production armed with a Canon 60d and a Sony V1.

Tensions in Stokes Croft had been on the up as gentrification was settling into Britain’s largest independent high street, but it wasn’t until after shooting Joe’s set in the darkened back room of the club that we realised the streets outside were filled with both protestors and a sizable armoured police force. We found ourselves kettled into what was known afterwards as the ‘Stokes Croft Riots’. Naturally we headed out into the fray, cameras in hand to capture the night’s events. ‘Location’ really did ring true for us as we produced our first film as Formulate Media, which you can watch bellow.

Skipping forward a few years now and we are happy to report things have been going well. We have worked alongside some brilliant organisations and talented individuals, accumulating a body of work we would now like to share with you. So, have a look around our new site, see what we have been up to so far, and we will keep you updated here with what we get up to in the future.



With a massive thank you to everyone that has been a part of our tale thus far,


Formulate Media.


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